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BrightStars, Rhode Island’s Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement system, assists families in finding care and recognizes and supports quality in early care and education programs.

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New Release of the RI Notes

It is time for a new release of the Rhode Island Notes! These are released twice a year. You may be asking, “What are the RI Notes?” The Rhode Island Notes are a running record of Environment Rating Scale (ERS) consensus decisions BrightStars’ reliable assessors have made following ERS-related questions or discussions. Why do we have them? BrightStars manages all of the reliable assessors for the Environmental Rating Scales in RI. These notes support Rhode Island in having a cohesive assessment system that provides a comparable program experience regardless of the assessor who visits the program.

Although these notes may be useful as reference on particular topics, The Rhode Island Notes do not replace either formal ERS reliability training or the Notes for Clarification provided by the ERS authors, and may be subject to change as the Environment Rating Scales are updated. The RI Notes were started because BrightStars wanted a way to share the outcome of these discussions and decisions with the public. When unique situations arise they sometimes require assessors to pose questions and in many cases discuss with the ERS authors in order to come to a consensus around scoring.

While this may be a rare occurrence, we compile these consensus decisions into the RI Notes and publish them on our website to make them available to the programs we serve and our community partners. Often new releases may not have many changes but we feel it is important to continue to share the information for those who wish to see where changes may have been made. It is also important to remember that these notes serve only as further clarification. BrightStars encourages all programs and providers who are preparing for their ERS site visit to still review the tool, the tool’s All About book, the tool’s Notes for Clarification, and the RI Notes. 

You will find them on the “Publications” page of the BrightStars website. There are ERS General RI Notes which are notes relevant across scales. In addition, RI Notes are available specifically for the ITERS-R, ECERS-R, SACERS-U, FCCERS-R in English, and FCCERS-R in Spanish.

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