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BrightStars, Rhode Island’s Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement system, assists families in finding care and recognizes and supports quality in early care and education programs.

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Quality Improvement Specialist Staff now BrightStars Navigators

In January 2016 the BrightStars Quality Improvement team changed their name and their scope of work. All Quality Improvement Specialists are now known as BrightStars Navigators. 

What does this mean for programs and providers? Do not worry! The BrightStars Navigators are still here to support programs and providers. Navigators will:

  • Continue to provide Feedback Visits (now available for all star levels!), and provide support around annual reports, renewal applications, transitioning programs to the 2013 BrightStars Standards, and applying to increase star rating
  • Host Application Support Workgroups
    • Wednesdays 1p-3p
    • Thursday evenings (by appointment)
  • Offer referrals to The Center for Early Learning Professionals for Professional Development and Technical Assistance, T.E.A.C.H., LISC and other resources available
  • Assist in accessing BrightStars resources and tools in marketing the program to the community, including using the ECEDS Program Portal to update program information for the Exceed Family Search
  • Provide outreach to the community with a focus on sharing BrightStars information to families and the public and represent BrightStars at community events

BrightStars Navigators will now be even more prepared to guide programs. All Navigators will now be reliable on one (or more) Environment Rating Scales (ERS).  Navigators can use their ERS reliability to direct on-site guidance around preparing for an ERS site visit window, provide substantial support around understanding the site visit process, reading reports, and creating Quality Improvement Goals by using the ERS report as evidence. This means that each Navigator will be an even better guide as programs prepare for their 3, 4, or 5-Star visit. 

See contact information for the BrightStars Navigators.

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